Saturday, 4 July 2009

Numero Uno

Okay, first blog. Wish me luck haha!
Firstlyyy, thankyou ever so Zobo, now I have a few followers yay :) And thanks for following! You're all rather lovely.
Must introduce myself I suppose, my name's Alex. 18, 19 soon though...August 10th, don't forget it! Haha. Just gonna be showing you a few bits and bobs that I buy and have got...I'm a self confessed shopaholic. :)
Just gonna show you guys some things I got in Swindon the other week. In Matalan (?!) and Dunelm Mill.

Hope this photo is big enough! Okay, so I'd been meaning to get some pretty stud earrings for a while and never really saw any that I just HAD to have. Until the other day Mutti dragged me into Matalan, and I found these bargains! I know, I know I couldn't believe it myself haha.

Three pairs of pretty studs, gold oversized ones with pretty detailing, nice pearly earrings :) & White oversized hearts with gold outlines. Reaaal cute. A chunky gold ring with some detailing like the gold earrings. Gold feather/leaf (?) earrings. (I have some similar to these from H&M but thought what the hell!) One long pearl necklace, cheapy but lost my other one! & a cute heart pendant with another chain on. Didn't take a basket or anything into the shop so my hands were slightly full haha.

They were all around £3-4, bargainous!

Same photo but added pretty pink/coral flower that I found in Sainsburys. You can either wear it as a brooch or clip into your hair. Was around £3. Summery! :)

Couldn't believe I found this beauty (the mirror) in Matalan too, didn't even realise they had a Home section. £25!

Cute jewellery box/vanity case. I love it soo much. They had them in blue too. Got pink to go in my bedroom. This was from Dunelm Mill for £6.99. Pretty big so can fit a lot of bits and bobs in!

Dark purple velvet interior. Cute right?!

Bought a goose feather pillow and case in the Dunelm Mill sale, feels like heaven and I loove the pretty pink flower pattern. I also bought the duvet cover in the same pattern for £6.49!

'Love' photo frame. Only £3.99 from Dunelm Mill. Thought it was too cute not to buy! I want to put a photo of each my besties with me in each little frame. Zoe, Mousey, Jenny and Beth. You'll probably hear more about them as I go on. :)

Hand-painted mugs from Dunelm Mill, £1.99 each. I couldn't resist, they're so lovely. And will be great if I'm going to uni! I looove a cuppa tea :)

Lastly is a pretty vase, with pink flowers on, Laura Ashleyesque! Haha, it matches the rest of my bedroom and my Laura Ashley curtains! Woop, what a buy. And also the fakey flowers are from Sainsburys.

Wellll thankyou for reading me gabbling on and on! Hope you enjoyed :)



  1. Yaaay. I bagsie the "o" because you'll get more of my fabulous face in there XD
    I need to go to dunelm mill..& dont you dare leave me in this village on my own & go to uni lol..those mugs can be when we move into our lacock house. :)

  2. @Zo! You can have the 0. No worries! Haha, i shall never leave you. I think those mugs would suit an old lacock house! Haha perrfic :)

  3. I love the mirror you got! ;p

  4. Cute things... I tagged you on my blog.. check it out! xx

  5. nice haul babe-you have nearly as many followers as me already lol that zoella is good to you hehehe. xxx

  6. Your room looks gorgeous! Cute jewellery too. xxx

  7. great buys! I have a dunelm near me will have to go there soon :)

  8. great haul!
    those stud earrings are very cute ;D
    the paris case & mirror...fabulous finds !

  9. Cute jewellery :)

    Great post :)

  10. I tagged you-its a good way to get to know some bloggers :) see my blog for details xxx

  11. great haul huni!! I just started my blog too.....scary stuff!!
    But u seem to be doing great so far and loadsa followers already!! well done girl!! xxx

  12. I love all this stuff! Especially the heart box, so cute. x

  13. Gorgeous goodies...I wish I had those two stores near me :) Your room looks lovely xxx

  14. Great post!!
    I love all this stuff.Cute things!

  15. I adore those heart earrings they're lovely. I got a gorgeous big picture thingy majigy of Paris from Matalan home bit but its a bit crap :/ The picture is totally coming away from the frame and its annoying! Need a new one! xx

  16. Woo for Swindon :D