Sunday, 12 July 2009

NL! ♥

Hii girlies ♥
As you know I'm a shopaholic.
So I thought I'd do a quick clothing haul of some of the stuff I've still got the tag on!

Ted Baker dress. I actually bought this dress like a year ago, and I still manage to have the tag on it haha! Just havn't found a night that I want to wear it. I bought it from the Ted Baker in the Swindon Outlet Centre. I think (don't take my word for it) it was around £30 down from around £60. So a bit of a bargain and it's gorgey.

Ordered this a couple of weeks ago from I've never seen this in the store, even now I still don't see it. I looove it, Minnie Mouse is too cute. I think this was around £12-£18.

I also ordered this from and the same with this tee, I can't see it in store. It's sooooo cute. This was around £12-£18 too. Parlez-Vous Francais?

& Au Revoir on the back. I think there is also one that says Bonsoir on! How lovely :)

These are two scarvies that I missed off the Matalan haul I did on Numero Uno. Needed some light ones for summer and they're pretty. I love the red one especially. I think these were around £2.50 each!

I bought these two tunics/camis from the dorothy perkins website. I really should be banned from shopping online. These are great for the summer and with leggings really light, girly! I'm a big fan of the florals :) So I got one in pink...

And one in yellow... :) I think these were around £12.

Found this cute cami in Newlook the other day! I love the colours, although I don't usually wear pink! It's lovely for the summer :)

Close up of detail, buttoned down the middle, and frilled at the bottom. White flowers and looks like poppies :)! £18.

I've wanted some gladiator sandals for aaaaaaages. I found these gorgey ones in Newlook for £16. I lovelovelove them. BUT, I somehow managed to pick up the wrong size, being the douche that I am. So my Mum's having them off me and I've gotta go get some more! Thought I'd show y'all anyways hehe.
This is my most recent buy...from Saturday! I picked this up from Newlook. £18. It's gorgeyyy, my new love. I just popped in with Mum, and ended up spending around £100 in Newlook & Superdrug. Oopsie.

Close up of detail - pink and red roses with green leavies. Ahh I absolutely love it, buttoned down the middle and a lovely shape! It's also got a few subtle sequins on :)!

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed having a nose at my buys! Might post up what I bought in Superdrug too soon. We'll seeeee!
& I'd thought I'd leave you a photo of myself wearing the Francais tee. Because I loves it haha!

Love & Hugs


  1. Very cute clothes! :) I love the Minnie Mouse one. I'm trying to look for a shirt like that so I can wear it to Disneyland when I go in a couple of weeks. :D Nice post!

  2. OMG! I have to have that French top!! Thanks for posting xx

  3. I really love some of new looks t-shirts, particularly the french one - so so cute. Must go have a look through there site now, thanks for the tip mwahx

  4. Lovely have great taste!

  5. cute! I love flower tops!!


  6. Aw, i love the minnie mouse top! Super cute and has that vintage kinda look :)
    You have a lovely blog!

  7. Cute stuff! check out my blog please